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Murray Bridge was established when a road bridge over the Murray River (which is how the city got its name) was completed in 1879. It was followed in 1886 by the Adelaide-Melbourne railway line which guaranteed that the city's importance as a vital link across the river was assured.

The original township was laid out in 1883 and was called Mobilong. The land was sold in Adelaide in 1884 under the advertisement 'Murray traders, woolwashers, builders and all men of enterprise. Give heed to what is now offered to you.' Later it was called Edwards Crossing but it became Murray Bridge when a new railway bridge was constructed across the river in 1924.

The city's most recent Swanport Bridge, which was built five kilometres downstream from Murray Bridge, was completed in 1979.

Murray Bridge Today

Today the city is the centre of a major agricultural district which is driven by dairying, chicken raising, pig breeding, tomato and snow pea growing.

The Murray River is indeed a popular tourist attraction with in South Australia, but amongst its many well recognised citys, one stands out above the rest. Murray Bridge is the "crown" of the Murray Region, containing many attractions for people of all ages.

The Murray River is a picturesque site of House Boats, Paddle-steamers and happy, relaxed people. You sit back and relax while observing the beauty of this natural wonder.

Although many of the Murray Bridge attractions are water based, such as skiing and swimming, there are many exciting on land attractions that are well worth a visit.

Just out of Murray Bridge there is a new open range zoo and breeding ground for arid and grassland animals at the Monarto Zoological Park. Many species of animals can roam this 1000 hectare site. Tourists have the opportunity to take a Safari Bus around the park with a personal guide.

Murray Bridge is a drawcard to the beautiful Murray River.
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